Payment Policy


Making your order within the USA will require you to be charged a sales tax fee, which is by the laws of the state. However, orders that are made within the USA will not have to be bothered about other tax or import duties aside from the sales tax. We have the capacity and power to make changes to the prices of products and products listed on the page, as well as content on the page without giving notice to anyone, and changes can be made at any time.

We try to give a proper and accurate description of our products, and we might end up making mistakes during the process such as typo error and mistake in prices. We have the right to make corrections on such mistakes without being responsible or held accountable for such mistakes.


We make sure that we keep your financial details safe and secure. That is why we ensure to take proper care of our site so that we can secure all online payment made through credit or debit cards. We grow with the latest innovation, and that is why all transactions are encrypted and only used to process further transactions with your permission.